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Tips To Ease Pain After Sitting For A Long Time

According to study, average adults sits between 8hour to 12hours a day.  Sitting related to office work, driving, dining, or lounging.

Sitting in a chair causes the angle between the torso and the thigh to shorten.  It causes the hip flexor muscle in the front of the hip to shorten.  Over time, prolonged sitting causes the hip flexors to tighten and shorter leading to lower back pain, sciatica, and poor posture.



Prolonged sitting leads to muscle imbalance resulting in misalignment of the spine and abnormal posture.

When the hip flexor shortens, the pelvic tilt forward.  The thoracic spine becomes kyphotic (round/hunched back).  Lumbar spine becomes hyperextend (excessive arched).  Weaker abdominal muscles resulting in lower back pain.


Muscles works in pairs (biceps and triceps).  So when hip flexors get shorter, the opposing muscle gluteal (buttock) gets longer and weaker.  Gluteal muscles are the primary muscle that extends the hip (pull the leg back).  When the primary muscle becomes weak, synergist (helper) muscle has to take over and this cause further problems.

One way to stretch the hip flexors muscle: Lunging hip flexors muscle

– Kneel on the left knee.  Place the right foot flat on the floor in front of you, knee bent

– Lean forward, stretching left hip toward the floor

– Squeeze your buttock and maintain a straight back

–  Hold for 30seconds

– Repeat 5times on each leg

*** Try to increase the stretch time to 2 mins


If this exercise loosens the hip.  Great!!! Keep doing the exercise.   If you need additional information or modifications of hip flexor exercise, email

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