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6 Tips to reduce stress-producing positions or activities



  1. Alter your posture or position frequently. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing

  1. Avoiding bending at the waist while working or performing activities. Sit, stoop or kneel instead of bending

  1. For activities that require prolonged standing, use a cushioned mat and wear low heeled shoes with good arch support. Place one foot on a footstool or railing and alternate feet occasionally for comfort

  1. When seated at a workstation for prolonged periods, keep elbow, knees and hip level and bent at 90deg. Feet should be flat on the floor or supported at a slight incline.  The forearm should be supported by armrests and your back by the chair back or a rolled pillow.

  1. A back-support cushion should support your lower back curve

  1. Enter and leave a vehicle with a sideward rather than a twisting motion of the trunk. Adjust your car seat so your knees are at the same level as your hips, use a soft pillow in the lower back; stop frequently when driving long distances to walk or stretch your arms, legs, and back.


Leave a comment, if you have any questions or concerns.

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My life revolves around health and fitness. As a young child, I enjoyed the different style of dance. As an adult, I became a physical therapist. I helped people recover from injuries, pain or surgery. I also enjoy working out in my spare time. So I started teaching group fitness classes.
This blog is all about health, fitness, and healthy lifestyle.

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