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After taking almost 2 years off from teaching Zumba.  I finally had my first day.  A class of 6 people.  For me, that was great.  I was nervous teaching for the first time and covering for another Zumba instructor.

I quickly introduced myself, so the student won’t walk out.  Trust me, it happens.  It is hard for student to give new instructor a chance.

I looked around, trying to psyche myself up.  Then I realized, I forgot my water bottle in the car.  Smh, the story of my life. Always early and late at the same time.  Rushed out, grabbed the water bottle and rushed back in.  Looked around, oh great!!! Everyone is still here, YEAH!

Second attempt, try to use the new app to pull up my music.  It would not work.  I started to freak out internally.  But, that’s okay, the students cannot see me sweating

Great!!! Finally got the music to play.  OK, Let’s go….Zumba-Fitness-Logo

Play the first song, the students were following my lead.  OK, I had to make sure that I offer a lot of visual cues so everyone could get a great workout.  OK, everyone seems to be catching on and following my lead.

Oh my!! One of the student in the back cannot see me because another student is right in front of her. Blocking her view.

Ok, I will move an inch to the left so the student in the back will have a better point of view.  Oh shoot, the student in the front blocked her again….

I just have to make my moves more open, so everyone can see me move around the room.  Great idea moving around the room.

Half way through the class.  Everyone seem to be getting tired.  They need more encouragement and energy booster.  I know, I will have everyone scream at the top of their lungs lol.  Ok, guys/gals, Lets make some noise, “EVERYBODY SCREAM!”.  First try was a little weak, come on now. One more time, “EVERYBODY SCREAM!”.  Good job everyone!!!

Everyone can now follow the moves easily.  Now, the music started acting up.  Oh no, what’s wrong with this music.  Luckily the music cuts off at the end of each song.  Which wasn’t too bad.

We were able to get through each song without major Glitches.  Thank God!!!

Overall, the class was a success.  I enjoy teaching the class for the first time and the students enjoyed themselves.  It was a great night!


See you next week!!!


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My life revolves around health and fitness. As a young child, I enjoyed the different style of dance. As an adult, I became a physical therapist. I helped people recover from injuries, pain or surgery. I also enjoy working out in my spare time. So I started teaching group fitness classes.
This blog is all about health, fitness, and healthy lifestyle.

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