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When is it necessary to consult orthopedic surgeon regarding joint replacement.

Of course, surgery should be the last option. Due to many reasons, including infection or death. But sometimes, it cannot be help. Sometimes, we run out of options especially when it comes to hip and/or knee pain. There are many non-invasive techniques that can be use to decrease joint pain. However, when nothing helps to ease joint pain and it started affecting quality of life or lifestyle, then its time to consult with an orthopedic surgeon.

It is necessary to consult with orthopedic surgeon when:

Walking result in increase pain:
resulting in use of walker or cane due to difficult walking

Cannot enjoy leisure activities like shopping, groceries, walking, exercising.

Difficulty standing– increase difficult with prolonged standing

Loss of interest in extra curricular activities: Decrease participation in socialization

Constant pain– rely heavily on pain medications

Medication due to consistent pain– constantly taking pain medication for example Tylenol arthritis, oxycondone, hydrocodone, percocet

Ineffective steriod cortisone injection– no longer decrease pain in the joints

Degenerative joint disease– lack of cartilage between the joint resulting in severe pain with movements

Avascular necrosis– poor blood circulation in the joint

Conservative treatments is not effective- physical therapy treatment is no longer beneficial due to consistent pain or lack of improvements.

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My life revolves around health and fitness. As a young child, I enjoyed the different style of dance. As an adult, I became a physical therapist. I helped people recover from injuries, pain or surgery. I also enjoy working out in my spare time. So I started teaching group fitness classes.
This blog is all about health, fitness, and healthy lifestyle.

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